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What’s Unique About ERTC Express?

No Products To SellProgram Is Easy To ExplainDoesn’t Require You To Be An ExpertHas Great Potential Value To BOTH You & BusinessesIt’s FREE For You To Join!YES! FREE!! FREE WEBSITE; FREE TRAINING; FREE TO JOIN. NO CATCH.JOIN ERTC EXPRESS NOW!

ERC Is A US Government Funded Program To Help Businesses For Covid-19 Relief.

How Will This Help YOU?

You have the POWER TO HELP American Small Business Owners AND Nonprofits to get access to money that is DUE TO THEM BY LAW and does NOT need to be repaid by the businesses! AND YOU get paid for helping the businesses & non-profits get this!Why Do Businesses Need HELP To Get The Money Due To Them?

Most businesses don’t even know about the program!It’s super complicated and far beyond the average business owner. (Even beyond a SMART business owner!)Even CPAs do not want to deal with ERC!JOIN ERTC EXPRESS NOW!

Here’s what you’ll learn

USA Businesses impacted by the pandemic are eligible for a tax credit refund of up to $26k per employee.Field Agents will earn a percentage commission from EVERY completed transaction they bring to our expert CPA firm.  The AVERAGE commissions earned by ERTC Express Agents is $3,000 to $7,000 per completed deal based on the size of the business or non-profit and other factors.LIMITED TIMEFRAME: Learn why this is a LIMITED TIME opportunity and why you need to act NOW to help as many USA businesses as possible – even if you do NOT live in the USA!It costs NOTHING to become a Field Agent. PLUS you get a FREE website, FREE business tracker, AND FREE Expert Training… but you have to register now…

The experts for this webinar

Brian & Todd will show amazing case studies of “regular” people earning huge commissions while helping USA businesses & nonprofits of all sizes.

Todd Gross

Todd Grossexpert 01

Todd Gross is a creator & netrepreneur who has been building his online business since 2006. He’s helped produce over 70 products and added his voice or on camera presence to hundreds of videos that have helped to generate over $50 million in sales.

Brian Anderson

Brian Andersonexpert 02

Brian Anderson has built several highly successful businesses so he truly understands the needs of businesses. He’s built a solid business with the most CPAs for helping USA businesses receive their ERTC Refunds.

Here Are Some FACTS For You:

1) Businesses have been told by their accountants and payroll services that they do not qualify – HOWEVER, MANY OF THOSE SAME BUSINESSES HAVE FOUND OUT FROM OUR QUALIFIED CPAs THAT THEY DO!

2) Some businesses think that since they received PPP they do not qualify for ERTC – NOT TRUE!

3) Many businesses & nonprofits do not know about ERTC!

4) Other businesses know about ERTC, but they don’t have the time or are intimidated by all the paperwork.

5) Some people – LIKE YOU – help them to fill out the simple online form to see if they qualify and then our Qualified CPAs oversee the process.

6) According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Counsel, there are approximately 32.6 million businesses in the U.S. who may qualify for ERTC.

7) The refund period WILL EXPIRE. All refund requests must be submitted BEFORE April 2025.

Think of ALL the OTHER services that you could offer these businesses and nonprofits NOW and long past April 2025!



This Is A limited Time Period Opportunity – Find Out More By Watching This replay!

Don’t miss out on a chance to help USA businesses & nonprofits in a big way – even if you don’t live in the USA!!


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